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Volkswagen Beetle Emissions Scandal Consumer Review - SeveralSeats

viral social media trendLet's talk Volkswagen. My personal experience. More than one in eight jobs in Germany (across the supply chain) is tied to Volkswagen -> YIKES!!

I wonder if Ducati is far enough down the Volkswagen food chain to be unaffected by the recent VW issues?? The following summary is a highlight of pros and cons of the Volkswagen Beetle along with a small focus on standard new features. Volkswagen's headquarters in Wolfsburg are among the premises raided by prosecutors investigating the emissions scandal now it's a viral social media trend. After driving the Volkswagen Beetle from New York to Philadelphia for a total of  95 miles southwest of New York City, I got a chance to compile a list of likes and dislikes and recommendations for new features. In October 1929 the New York Stock Exchange lost US$ 14 billion in one day - Today companies lose this value in a day & continue. I could see my self with a Volkswagen in my driveway for the rest of my life. It's my simple town and my simple world where I drive a Volkswagen with my simple life.

    viral social media trend
  • Pros----Fuel economical, additional horsepower with the optional 2.0 diesel engine. The vehicles exterior seem to have a bit more style than previous models. And the interior appeared to be a bit more functional with extra storage compartments and smart phone capabilities.

  • Cons---The handling appeared to be indifferent because of the TDI'S DSG transmission that may have added to boosting up the cost of the 2015 model. While making short turns the Volkswagen Beetle responded in less time for such a compact vehicle.

  • New Features--The Volkswagen Beetle is fuel economical. At an average of 50-65 miles per hour the travel time was approximately 1 h 23 min (97.0 mi) via NJ Tpke S and I-95 S. Over all the vehicle looked like a really cool upgrade from the previous models, the door panels are not the same color as the exterior which was one of the main features that is missing.

    viral social media trend

    Recommendations-- Includes omitting the standard CD player and replace with more auxiliary options than just the one and only earphone car adapter method. I was shocked to discover that there are no push button, satellite, parking sensor, bluetooth and or back-up camera included in the standard features. Can the Government of India ban Volkswagen from selling their cars? I mean it's not like we don't have enough pollution problems already. The Qatar Investment Authority is not happy about Volkswagen´s implosion - and some other problems. Volkswagen group revenue is 4 times Wales's GDP and accounts for 6% of the German economy and this doesn't include it's supply chain. I would like to thank our sponsor Budget car rental  for providing vehicles for business or leisure and their service has never been easier or more affordable in a time when car sharing companies are now the biggest competitors. Buy a deliciously non-scene Volkswagen Beetle. 

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