Thursday, November 19, 2015

Audi A6 3.0T Quattro Review - SeverlaSeats


Looking for a sporty, yet practical ride? Check out my review of the Audi A6 3.0T! 

If you're taking suggestions I really like my Audi A6 because the Quattro is really nice in the snow. Tested in New York City. This blog will point out Audi's elegant but not over exaggerated features. I look forward to a road test of the 4-cylinder version. Hopefully, it is far better than the 4-cylinder in my 2015 Mercedes C-Class -- an engine that is simply out-of-place in a purported luxury vehicle. Whenever pushed, it sounds like the rough engine of a tractor. Indeed, even the 4-cylinder in a Chevrolet Malibu is more refined. The A6 2.0t premium is not different from the A6 3.0t premium plus because of all the specs, that consist of and all wheel drive, body style, automatic transmission that provides a mpg of 18city/27hwy.
VIRAL SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDThere are a lot of interesting updates, I found the glass windows to be much thicker, allowing the cabin to be able to drown out rest of the world with pure silence. Trust me you will not feel a bump, pothole or turn thanks to the super responsive steering. The V6 engine comes with 333 powerful horsepower for a 2.0 turbo you are going to feel the torque. I can compare the A6 to a Mercedes Benz S-class when driving at top speed but the performance seem a bit relative to the other German sedans.
It reminds me of the Tesla, the easy access Wi-Fi hot spot, GPS graphics and overall dashboard display features are very user friendly, loaded with connectivity options. The Audi is refined and comprehensive. The main touch panel located on the right side of the driver seat allows you to utilize climate controls, sound, connectivity, Bluetooth, computer trip, fuel and the navigation system. Instead of the strange interface wires that never seem to be compatible with Apple and not Android, Audi got it right this time with an updated universal USB ports for various different connection options. As you know I am very social media savvy as I try to keep up with viral social media trends, so to have a cluster with conventional touches are essential.
My all time favorite movie just low key advertised Samsung with the Note Tab, now I just saw an Audi A8, I'm happy, my life is going well. To stand out in the competition Audi is a winner in the audio communications department. At a sticker price of about $55,000 the Audi A6, along with the super impressive trim with air brushed chrome that compliments the plush leather upholstery. I think that the rear and front seats are equally spacious with high quality seating. In comparison to other luxury vehicle in it's class the Audi A6 is in stiff competition with the Cadillac CTS, Mercedes-Benz C-class and the Jaguar XF. My Audi A6 Quattro V6 3.0 diesel - now 5mpg less after simple oil & pollen filter change. Hmmm, interesting!! In the video below car enthusiast Malkam Dior is in the new Audi #A6.  See him behind the wheel: Lip singing to "TruffleButter" by Nicki Minaj and Drake while driving through the Holland Tunnel.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mercedes Benz E350 Review - SeveralSeats

Viral Social Media trend

See The Mercedes-Benz E350 Coupe! Luxury black, black leather, all wheel drive. 

Sorry BMW...but that Mercedes-Benz e350 with a carbon fiber mirror cover is just calling my name. This blog will arm you with cool fun-facts about the E-Class coupe in an effort to add to the viral social media trend. The oval multi-prong logo located on the grille will grab your attention immediately. It's sleek low riding profile looks great with one major deal breaker which is the lack of headroom.

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The tail lamps are stacked with more LED light flaring out of the back haunches. The E-Class coupe with the 3.5-liter V6. comes with a 3.5l injection at about 302hp, the only transmission in a seven speed automatic form. Malkam Dior's Mercedes Benz E350 ranges at $64, 770 and starts at $53,125, the fuel efficiency is rated at about 21 mpg. To report on fuel and savings the E-Class at an impressive 28 mpg highway and 21mpg city which is very close to the 2013 model that achieved much less.
viral social media trendMercedes-Benz seem to have wanted to cash in on the competition in comparison to the large two-door luxury in the mid-size C-Class Coupe. The vehicle features was as expected with the well expected visual flair as the previous models like the  E350 Cabriolet also from Mercedes-Benz which has its own distinct character and makes no pretense about it. The sprung appear to be steadier than the loaded E-Class 3.5L  2008-13 E350 4-matic. The parking brake remain lit on the dash way after disengaging the brake, but eventually disappears.
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The first time I got to drive mom-in-law's Mercedes E350 to work. I wanted to go 80 & hear the engine purr but thanks New York City for the traffic. Check out the all new Mercedes Benz E-Class E350, this particular vehicle is the E350 4Matic and is very well presented.
Drive Safely & w/ Satisfaction. The Mercedes-Benz E350 is super cool and holds it's value better than the Lexus GS 350. Check out  this blog, spread the word. For a average sized coupe the panoramic like window appears in connection with the side and rear windows. The standard power steering feels a bit soft to the touch at very low speeds but easily tightens up when driving on the highway. It feels less sporty for such a low coupe profile for where Mercedes happened to place the drilled brake rotors.

This review is just based on a comparison with the sedan version and I am loving it. You didn't comment on the power mode turning off "eco" and going to either "E" or better yet, "S" for sport which tightens up the suspension and changes the power delivery. My E350 is perfect for ladies night, guy's night out, or even just a drive down the strip. I haven't had any issues with the transmission hesitation you experienced. Beautiful car and totally MB. I experienced that at faster speeds the unpredictable power to weight ratio begins to roar like a lion and the E 350 is a beast. The Acura RLX is very close in comparison in the luxury car class. See how it stacks up to the Mercedes E350 and schedule your test drive today.

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