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How To Deal With Racist/Smelly Uber Drivers - SeveralSeats.com

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Did this Uber driver just fart or is it just smelly outside.

I'm tired of smelly Uber drivers, arguments about who's right and who's wrong, open windows instead of AC, and no GPS. Oh god my Uber driver is racist. I hadn't even closed the door before the insults begun. I'm currently in a very dirty and smelly car. The driver has an attitude. The Uber I had requested for earlier left without notice. Is it racist if my white Uber driver starts playing Hip-Hop when I get in the car? I'm like a car-racist, every time I see a black car I automatically assume it's an Uber. What kind of conversations do you have with your driver? I rather not have any conversation at all. When your Uber driver is high-key racist. My Uber driver keeps yawning but I can't tell if he's dozing off or just Chinese. I'm sorry that's unintentionally racist.

Dear Uber company, why the hell do you keep sending me smelly bad Uber drivers it's been going on for 2 months and 3 weeks now !!!

The same goes to Uber passengers who don't smell their own odors. Please ensure your drivers are screened properly for body odors. Can't be stuck in a car with a smelly driver. Thanks. Everytime I take Uber pool I'm always alone ... I guess my luck ran out because now I'm stuck with a smelly guy. Never be racist. Not only is my Uber drivers way too talkative, the ones I get are racist as well. They seems to be the most racist, simple-minded people I've ever met. I'm about to jump out of this car I can't breathe. I wish Uber let me rate my Uber Pool passengers. Smelly, Frito-munching seat hogger reading my iPad and trying to start a political debate. I don't care if I sound racist, how are foreigners allowed to be Uber drivers and don't know how to drive around town. What kind of shit is that????

I just cannot with Uber. They're why NYC yellow cabs will always exist. Give me a smelly maniacal nut job for a fixed fare. My Uber pool rider has a bag of smelly ass seafood in the car, the poor driver is holding it out the window while driving. Does it say something about me if my Uber drivers think it's ok to be racist around me? He said that "The state fair has gotten soooo black". Another Uber driver in Philadelphia was pulling over to pick me up and hit a person riding a bike. If you're racist what makes you think you could be an Uber driver in Miami, of all places like you'll find 56 minorities before a white person. Last week my Uber driver was a die hard Trump racist, I had nothing to say to him after hearing his political views.

Sometimes I just want to not speak to anyone and get to my destination. My Uber driver just called me "Miss Congeniality" and then proceeded to make every racist comment in the book. 

Nothing like a change of conversation. What do you do when the Uber driver is being misogynistic to the other girl in the pool but she's also being racist? I heard that London transport wants Uber drivers to take a written English test which most Brexit voters would struggle to pass. A slick racist move. The fight against Uber shouldn't incorporate racist language or symbols, keep it to the issues. I'll never forget my racist Uber driver in New York City who harassed me because he thought I lit a blunt in his car and ranted about how gross black people are. That is so dumb and pathetic. I would cancel if the driver was black... But no, because I'm not a racist. Apparently all that happens when you report a racist Uber driver is a $5 credit off your next racist ride.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Infiniti G37x Coupe Review - SeveralSeats

infiniti g37x coupe review

This blog provides an in-depth review of the 2013 Infiniti G37x coupe - retail price at $25,999. 

God so many damn choices... Bmw 335xi or Audi A4 or Infiniti G37x. Alternative to under powered but very reasonable '15 Subaru or '13 Infiniti g37x is a much lower mileage g37x for slightly more. I like that. So, for the same price, I can get a 2015 Subaru w/14k miles or a 2013 Infiniti g37x w/34k miles. One is slow as molasses, 1 less new. My dad is no longer an Accord guy anymore now he's an Infiniti G37x guy. just bought a red G37 X coupe and she is wonderfully fun to drive. Beautiful lines, handling and comfort all in one.

social media car review infiniti g37xThe only issues I have is to add a remote starter to the key fob. Just drove the G25 - Remote start or not...Its my favorite car on the market today! what the hell was Infiniti thinking? No wonder it came up second to last in a recent review! This is no "luxury car" engine! Kill it and bring a good diesel to the market! Still love my G37xS. I think 2003-2007 G*35's have a lot more time & effort into them I have raced a couple of G*37's & they just can't seem to keep up with my '04 G*35 plus the exhaust sound better on my year.I still love all Infiniti's but since '07 they have watered them down. I also liked my '07 G35x, but I will definitely make the G37SX my next purchase. I'll be getting it pre-owned so I'll let somebody else bare the brunt of my bells and whistles. BULK like the backseats in these G's we need to get rid of them because of  "weight reduction !" besides only kids fit in the back. The first thing you have to realize is that just for 2008-2009 model G37 didn't come with the I-pod connector. I've heard this happens sometimes with the non-Apple/non-OEM cable.

What I did to get it all to work is first buy the composite video kit from the Apple store. I connected the I-pad via the composite video kit to the composite video connector in the center console. Also connected the power via an AC/DC adapter. To get it to work while you're driving, do a search for "G37 video bypass" in google. message me if you need more info.
social media car reviewSo much fun to drive a chic classic easy handling luxury sedan that maneuvers easily around the twists and turns of the bends...nothing like the drive and smell of a new vehicle.I had a 2003 G35 coupe. Black on black. Waited 6 months for delivery. The car was raw, unrefined...and incredibly fun to drive. 2 Infiniti's later, now driving a 2012 M37x. Regarding the G...time for a body overhaul.
A tune- up will usually run you around 600-700 bucks. The G37 has become way more bloated compared to the G35 coupes (especially early gen G35 coupes). I bought the g37s coupe with the 7 speed. The a/c turns on instantly and the bose audio is pretty good. Much better than the bose my old 350z had. I am just waiting on the turbo infiniti to come out. I am torn between turboing my g37 or buying the new infiniti with the Mercedes based engine.
viral social media trend Not sure what the point is in turning the camera on and off.  I think 99.9% of people would prefer it to be on.  Nothing specially really but to turn the camera off you would have to hold the settings button and turns the volume control up and down until it enters the menu. press back to exit the menu. I just drove around with my rear camera enabled on the screen. other dash controls won't work so I guess it's only practical for tricky situations or maybe lane changes during aggressive driving maneuvers. The G37S comes fully loaded. Leather, the seats, a USB port, back-up camera parking assist, NAV, heated axles and Bluetooth connection.  The trunk redefines “Summer packing”. The interior is comfortable and well-equipped as it's being over several years.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Growth of Car Sharing - SeveralSeats

I’m curious how many car-sharing services US markets can ultimately support. Zipcar + Car2go are entrenched. Zipcar is the leader in car sharing, an alternative to car rental and car ownership. 

Social Media Car Reviews
Suck it up, car owners and traditional car rental agencies, car sharing and bike sharing are the future. I'm going to look into car-sharing to London to save money, trains both suck and are expensive. GM's new car-sharing startup, Maven, is launching in three more US cities. GM is rumored to challenge Zipcar's car-sharing services in Boston this summer: General Motors Co.'s car-sharing startup. ReachNow, powered by Ride is gaining traction; 13,000 members and growing.
However, I found out the hard way that car ownership beats the heck outta car sharing. So disappointed with Zipcar customer service. Now car sharing network zips all over the world, a car sharing network is now available in every major city across the country.
But what about the people who are not into car sharing but rather use ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft in America. Do scientists think about data sharing: be disruptive. Gypsy Cab drivers are a thing of the past. I once complained about Uber before, people told me "just delete it," or use Lyft. It's not that simple to choose from Lyft (or Uber). Maybe because Uber and Lyft make sure the people who drive for them aren’t employees, or compensated fairly? If people commit crimes while driving for Uber or Lyft, they must want to get caught.

Black market ride sharing has begun.

Those with cars now have immense power over those without, due to groundbreaking car sharing companies like TURO. I thought they weren't allowed to operate in Austin Texas anymore by law? What's the reason? it might just be a case of a multi-million dollar corporation wanting to make it's own rules and throwing a fit when they can't. How a Texas-sized fight over laws regulating Uber, Lyft might play out: Whether or not the next Texas Legislature passes.

No hitchhiking sanctuary in Austin, illegal and enforced, which leaves GetMe/taxis to AUS or Lyft/Uber to get around, or walking/biking/driving. No more Lyft or Uber in Austin! Not everyone can afford to own a car and those yellow cabs are not affordable. Shouldn't "Ride sharing" refer to hitchhiking or car pooling? I think that the Uber/Lyft debate is really"Ride selling?"
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In conclusion based on my experience with car sharing and ride sharing the best company is Turo, because Turo is a trending on-demand car sharing application that offers a million dollars in liability policy, and also cover all damage to your vehicle while being rented. Renters don't have to notify their insurance company for any damage claims. I have discovered that the difference between car sharing and ride sharing is a that car sharing involves members to actual drive a vehicle. The ride sharing concept is all about being driven which is a great way to prevent drunk driving...you're better than that! Save some lives and get a Yellow Cab, Uber, or Lyft! You've got plenty of choices. #BeSafe

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Self Driving--Driverless Cars (SeveralSeats)

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Psychedelic counterculture, driver-less car anxiety, colored text, and other news. 

How driver less cars will change design, planning, affordable housing, even parenting. Driving tests are changing in the U.S.A partly due to driver-less cars. Self-driving cars could result in 5 to 10 million job losses in the US. You can now apply to test self-driving cars in Arizona for Google—the job pays $20 an hour. Ethics questions of self-driving cars is trending in fact it's a viral social media trend. Will little kids use self-driving cars unaccompanied.The complete timeline to self-driving cars. Self-driving cars are coming. The question is when and how. The challenge of self-driving cars. I know people are all BUT WHAT ABOUT PUBLIC TRANSIT regarding self-driving cars, and I hear you, but you clearly don't live in a rural area.

Elevators really changed cities. What's next? Self-driving cars and land-based drones. Transportation researchers say self-driving cars could become so popular that congestion would skyrocket. But former Google, Apple, and Tesla employees are moving forward and have teamed up to make self-driving trucks.GM is already testing self-driving Chevy Bolts.A Bay Area startup is testing self-driving semis on California freeways. I'm so torn on this. It will put many people out of jobs, but these jobs also ruin their backs and cause health problems.

18-wheelers may drive themselves on highways before cars! I just don't want to see income earners falling into unemployment over it. I've been pretty sure for a while this was going to be the case. The fleet owners have too much to gain.
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I heard today today, Britain passed bills in favor of drones, driver-less cars, spaceports, open APIs, fast broadband and more. Could you imagine even attempting to explain this to somebody 100 years ago? Quite extraordinary. Driver-less cars or dog chauf-FURs? You must pick—there is no middle ground. Driver-less cars pass insurance roadblock. One thing to welcome from the Queens speech is the 1st UK spaceport and driver-less cars program. Shame about the rest. Living standards to fall."Space ports! Cars that drive themselves! Jet packs!""Erm, walking, cycling, buses, trains?"
"Get with the times, daddy-o!"Something I will never understand is the people that drive minivans like race cars.

Cars that drive themselves should be banned, honestly. Have you seen the roomba? 

I wouldn't trust that to drive me around. I feel like feminists with bowl cuts and dudes that drive lifted trucks/derby cars are the only people with bumper stickers just stop. I feel like feminists with bowl cuts and dudes that drive lifted trucks/derby cars are the only people with bumper stickers just stop. Green light on cars that drive themselves, does that mean it's okay to drive after a few pints now? No point taking my driving test if in 4 years we're going to be a country with cars that drive themselves.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

BMW X5 (E70) - SeveralSeats

Let's talk about the BMW X5 E70 V8 Black Sapphire Ext/ Tobacco Brown interior *RARE* costing about $15950 in excellent condition. 

This type of vehicle is designed to live way beyond 200k. Once you honor monthly and yearly maintenance it will drive great! No rattles or creaks. The engine will remain strong as ever. With 19'' alloys, aluminum running boards, front fogs, parking sensors, full leather, media package, satellite navigation, heated front seats, sports steering wheel, dark bamboo interior trim, sun protection glass. Only 33485 miles with a full BMW service history. High quality Example. Serviced on 05/03/14 at 17581 miles and serviced on 17/08/15 at 30015 miles. Sometimes I think that I'm honestly so cool driving a BMW X5 and ONLY shops from Nordstrom & Banana Republic, I love it. The BMW X5 M drives like a Featherweight, hits like a Heavyweight. According to (CarAndDriver) "it drives better "BMW X5 M instrumented test results outperforms Cayenne Turbo S". Highs and lows include a well appointed interior with braking, performance and speed seem physics defying.

I'm looking into buying a 2001-2003 X5 for work, not sure of I am going to go 3.0 or 4.4. Any BMW experts have an opinion? I think the difference in gas mileage is something to look at as is reliability and I have heard the 3.0 inline 6 is better for both. The V8 models have so many more good options included, plus more power and I used to drive a Chevy Tahoe so how the hell can an X5 possibly use more gas??

I also have a 2011 model that is at its lease end this Friday. We're replacing it with a 535d xi because this car, although good looking, has uncomfortable seats if you skip the multi-contour package, is SO WIDE, and has a TERRIBLE turning circle. Our other car (2010 Ford Explorer, which is larger) has a much better turning circle and is much easier to maneuver in tight situations. We've also had gripes with the power tailgate being very slow, noisy, and not always working. X5s are way fun to drive, and, 2. Get the diesel.

I get fun and over 30 MPG highway on my 2009 X5 35d. I bet I'm faster off the line too with 425 pounds of torque (but only 265 horsepower compared to 315 with the M). Because of the lower air pressure at high altitudes, the power loss of a naturally aspirated engine is considerable. The performance of the turbine improves at altitude as a result of the greater pressure difference between the virtually constant pressure upstream of the turbine and the lower ambient pressure at outlet. The lower air density at the compressor inlet is largely equalized. Hence, the engine has barely any power loss. Someone skipped some physics courses...and not only you.

The BMW X5 E53 (also E60 & E46) common problem, lean misfire at idle and engine rattle. 

The X5 generates a great source of confidence for those who are traditionalists. My dad drives a 2015 BMW X5 and I only respond to the name James Bond. kids camp with 10 year old makes me want to jump off a cliff. Imagine for cars weight(as fuel) sliding weight, 180kmph...noise free, smoke free, diesel free. Why not broadcast it to the world in the form of a blog, now it's a viral social media trend. While Electro- and hybrid cars are the future, but V8 Biturbo and V12 engines are the best BMW ever built! I recently purchased one about 2 1/2 weeks ago !

It's awesome I have already put 1000 miles on it and I have put gas 3 times since I purchased it which is awesome for an SUV. There are so many things to touch and memorize what it does. Navigate Video, GPS, rear Video Music, MP3. Love my X5 but it takes a while to learn all the tricks; 

Insurpassable engineering and comfort. To fill up it takes about 40$ with the 22 gallon tank but it's the best SUV by far I have had and has awesome acceleration for a 4 cylinder the ride is so smooth as well! The X5 is an SUV which drives like a sedan. Does BMW have any plans to make a electric version of the 1 series? I like the i3 and been looking to purchase one but I'm just not all that sure on the boxy design of the car. Yes turbo engines have the MAS after the intake that adjust for the amount of air pressure needed, but it can only do so much. Its like water going through a fire hose. If there isn't enough water going through the hose, the fireman can just adjust the nozzle to increase the pressure. But he can only adjust the nozzle up to a certain point, then after that he loses water pressure.

It's the same for turbo cars. the MAF does adjust but up to a certain point. only normally aspirated cars suffer from high altitude power loss. This doesn't apply for the car in matter. Twin turbo engines(forced induction) boosts the same pressure regardless of altitude. Several sensors(air flow meter and pressure sensor located between the inter-cooler and intake) adjusts the amount of air pressure needed. I have the E53 X5 4.4i and I absolutely love it. So as an owner of the former body style I was completely offed by this new design. I went to BMW to ask why the drastic change and one of the reps told me its because of the market. BMW is trying to cater to a family oriented market. He says they do that every now and then. I hope to see a return to a design more inline with the original in the future. This new design should not have X5 on it, maybe something else, because it certainly takes away from the aggressive nature I expected from an X5. By the way, the E70 X5M is beast. Just insane. Congrats. 

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