Tuesday, April 12, 2016

BMW X5 (E70) - SeveralSeats

Let's talk about the BMW X5 E70 V8 Black Sapphire Ext/ Tobacco Brown interior *RARE* costing about $15950 in excellent condition. 

This type of vehicle is designed to live way beyond 200k. Once you honor monthly and yearly maintenance it will drive great! No rattles or creaks. The engine will remain strong as ever. With 19'' alloys, aluminum running boards, front fogs, parking sensors, full leather, media package, satellite navigation, heated front seats, sports steering wheel, dark bamboo interior trim, sun protection glass. Only 33485 miles with a full BMW service history. High quality Example. Serviced on 05/03/14 at 17581 miles and serviced on 17/08/15 at 30015 miles. Sometimes I think that I'm honestly so cool driving a BMW X5 and ONLY shops from Nordstrom & Banana Republic, I love it. The BMW X5 M drives like a Featherweight, hits like a Heavyweight. According to (CarAndDriver) "it drives better "BMW X5 M instrumented test results outperforms Cayenne Turbo S". Highs and lows include a well appointed interior with braking, performance and speed seem physics defying.

I'm looking into buying a 2001-2003 X5 for work, not sure of I am going to go 3.0 or 4.4. Any BMW experts have an opinion? I think the difference in gas mileage is something to look at as is reliability and I have heard the 3.0 inline 6 is better for both. The V8 models have so many more good options included, plus more power and I used to drive a Chevy Tahoe so how the hell can an X5 possibly use more gas??

I also have a 2011 model that is at its lease end this Friday. We're replacing it with a 535d xi because this car, although good looking, has uncomfortable seats if you skip the multi-contour package, is SO WIDE, and has a TERRIBLE turning circle. Our other car (2010 Ford Explorer, which is larger) has a much better turning circle and is much easier to maneuver in tight situations. We've also had gripes with the power tailgate being very slow, noisy, and not always working. X5s are way fun to drive, and, 2. Get the diesel.

I get fun and over 30 MPG highway on my 2009 X5 35d. I bet I'm faster off the line too with 425 pounds of torque (but only 265 horsepower compared to 315 with the M). Because of the lower air pressure at high altitudes, the power loss of a naturally aspirated engine is considerable. The performance of the turbine improves at altitude as a result of the greater pressure difference between the virtually constant pressure upstream of the turbine and the lower ambient pressure at outlet. The lower air density at the compressor inlet is largely equalized. Hence, the engine has barely any power loss. Someone skipped some physics courses...and not only you.

The BMW X5 E53 (also E60 & E46) common problem, lean misfire at idle and engine rattle. 

The X5 generates a great source of confidence for those who are traditionalists. My dad drives a 2015 BMW X5 and I only respond to the name James Bond. kids camp with 10 year old makes me want to jump off a cliff. Imagine for cars weight(as fuel) sliding weight, 180kmph...noise free, smoke free, diesel free. Why not broadcast it to the world in the form of a blog, now it's a viral social media trend. While Electro- and hybrid cars are the future, but V8 Biturbo and V12 engines are the best BMW ever built! I recently purchased one about 2 1/2 weeks ago !

It's awesome I have already put 1000 miles on it and I have put gas 3 times since I purchased it which is awesome for an SUV. There are so many things to touch and memorize what it does. Navigate Video, GPS, rear Video Music, MP3. Love my X5 but it takes a while to learn all the tricks; 

Insurpassable engineering and comfort. To fill up it takes about 40$ with the 22 gallon tank but it's the best SUV by far I have had and has awesome acceleration for a 4 cylinder the ride is so smooth as well! The X5 is an SUV which drives like a sedan. Does BMW have any plans to make a electric version of the 1 series? I like the i3 and been looking to purchase one but I'm just not all that sure on the boxy design of the car. Yes turbo engines have the MAS after the intake that adjust for the amount of air pressure needed, but it can only do so much. Its like water going through a fire hose. If there isn't enough water going through the hose, the fireman can just adjust the nozzle to increase the pressure. But he can only adjust the nozzle up to a certain point, then after that he loses water pressure.

It's the same for turbo cars. the MAF does adjust but up to a certain point. only normally aspirated cars suffer from high altitude power loss. This doesn't apply for the car in matter. Twin turbo engines(forced induction) boosts the same pressure regardless of altitude. Several sensors(air flow meter and pressure sensor located between the inter-cooler and intake) adjusts the amount of air pressure needed. I have the E53 X5 4.4i and I absolutely love it. So as an owner of the former body style I was completely offed by this new design. I went to BMW to ask why the drastic change and one of the reps told me its because of the market. BMW is trying to cater to a family oriented market. He says they do that every now and then. I hope to see a return to a design more inline with the original in the future. This new design should not have X5 on it, maybe something else, because it certainly takes away from the aggressive nature I expected from an X5. By the way, the E70 X5M is beast. Just insane. Congrats. 

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