Thursday, May 19, 2016

Self Driving--Driverless Cars (SeveralSeats)

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Psychedelic counterculture, driver-less car anxiety, colored text, and other news. 

How driver less cars will change design, planning, affordable housing, even parenting. Driving tests are changing in the U.S.A partly due to driver-less cars. Self-driving cars could result in 5 to 10 million job losses in the US. You can now apply to test self-driving cars in Arizona for Google—the job pays $20 an hour. Ethics questions of self-driving cars is trending in fact it's a viral social media trend. Will little kids use self-driving cars unaccompanied.The complete timeline to self-driving cars. Self-driving cars are coming. The question is when and how. The challenge of self-driving cars. I know people are all BUT WHAT ABOUT PUBLIC TRANSIT regarding self-driving cars, and I hear you, but you clearly don't live in a rural area.

Elevators really changed cities. What's next? Self-driving cars and land-based drones. Transportation researchers say self-driving cars could become so popular that congestion would skyrocket. But former Google, Apple, and Tesla employees are moving forward and have teamed up to make self-driving trucks.GM is already testing self-driving Chevy Bolts.A Bay Area startup is testing self-driving semis on California freeways. I'm so torn on this. It will put many people out of jobs, but these jobs also ruin their backs and cause health problems.

18-wheelers may drive themselves on highways before cars! I just don't want to see income earners falling into unemployment over it. I've been pretty sure for a while this was going to be the case. The fleet owners have too much to gain.
social media car blog
I heard today today, Britain passed bills in favor of drones, driver-less cars, spaceports, open APIs, fast broadband and more. Could you imagine even attempting to explain this to somebody 100 years ago? Quite extraordinary. Driver-less cars or dog chauf-FURs? You must pick—there is no middle ground. Driver-less cars pass insurance roadblock. One thing to welcome from the Queens speech is the 1st UK spaceport and driver-less cars program. Shame about the rest. Living standards to fall."Space ports! Cars that drive themselves! Jet packs!""Erm, walking, cycling, buses, trains?"
"Get with the times, daddy-o!"Something I will never understand is the people that drive minivans like race cars.

Cars that drive themselves should be banned, honestly. Have you seen the roomba? 

I wouldn't trust that to drive me around. I feel like feminists with bowl cuts and dudes that drive lifted trucks/derby cars are the only people with bumper stickers just stop. I feel like feminists with bowl cuts and dudes that drive lifted trucks/derby cars are the only people with bumper stickers just stop. Green light on cars that drive themselves, does that mean it's okay to drive after a few pints now? No point taking my driving test if in 4 years we're going to be a country with cars that drive themselves.

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