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Infiniti G37x Coupe Review - SeveralSeats

infiniti g37x coupe review

This blog provides an in-depth review of the 2013 Infiniti G37x coupe - retail price at $25,999. 

God so many damn choices... Bmw 335xi or Audi A4 or Infiniti G37x. Alternative to under powered but very reasonable '15 Subaru or '13 Infiniti g37x is a much lower mileage g37x for slightly more. I like that. So, for the same price, I can get a 2015 Subaru w/14k miles or a 2013 Infiniti g37x w/34k miles. One is slow as molasses, 1 less new. My dad is no longer an Accord guy anymore now he's an Infiniti G37x guy. just bought a red G37 X coupe and she is wonderfully fun to drive. Beautiful lines, handling and comfort all in one.

social media car review infiniti g37xThe only issues I have is to add a remote starter to the key fob. Just drove the G25 - Remote start or not...Its my favorite car on the market today! what the hell was Infiniti thinking? No wonder it came up second to last in a recent review! This is no "luxury car" engine! Kill it and bring a good diesel to the market! Still love my G37xS. I think 2003-2007 G*35's have a lot more time & effort into them I have raced a couple of G*37's & they just can't seem to keep up with my '04 G*35 plus the exhaust sound better on my year.I still love all Infiniti's but since '07 they have watered them down. I also liked my '07 G35x, but I will definitely make the G37SX my next purchase. I'll be getting it pre-owned so I'll let somebody else bare the brunt of my bells and whistles. BULK like the backseats in these G's we need to get rid of them because of  "weight reduction !" besides only kids fit in the back. The first thing you have to realize is that just for 2008-2009 model G37 didn't come with the I-pod connector. I've heard this happens sometimes with the non-Apple/non-OEM cable.

What I did to get it all to work is first buy the composite video kit from the Apple store. I connected the I-pad via the composite video kit to the composite video connector in the center console. Also connected the power via an AC/DC adapter. To get it to work while you're driving, do a search for "G37 video bypass" in google. message me if you need more info.
social media car reviewSo much fun to drive a chic classic easy handling luxury sedan that maneuvers easily around the twists and turns of the bends...nothing like the drive and smell of a new vehicle.I had a 2003 G35 coupe. Black on black. Waited 6 months for delivery. The car was raw, unrefined...and incredibly fun to drive. 2 Infiniti's later, now driving a 2012 M37x. Regarding the G...time for a body overhaul.
A tune- up will usually run you around 600-700 bucks. The G37 has become way more bloated compared to the G35 coupes (especially early gen G35 coupes). I bought the g37s coupe with the 7 speed. The a/c turns on instantly and the bose audio is pretty good. Much better than the bose my old 350z had. I am just waiting on the turbo infiniti to come out. I am torn between turboing my g37 or buying the new infiniti with the Mercedes based engine.
viral social media trend Not sure what the point is in turning the camera on and off.  I think 99.9% of people would prefer it to be on.  Nothing specially really but to turn the camera off you would have to hold the settings button and turns the volume control up and down until it enters the menu. press back to exit the menu. I just drove around with my rear camera enabled on the screen. other dash controls won't work so I guess it's only practical for tricky situations or maybe lane changes during aggressive driving maneuvers. The G37S comes fully loaded. Leather, the seats, a USB port, back-up camera parking assist, NAV, heated axles and Bluetooth connection.  The trunk redefines “Summer packing”. The interior is comfortable and well-equipped as it's being over several years.

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