Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How To Deal With Racist/Smelly Uber Drivers - SeveralSeats.com

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Did this Uber driver just fart or is it just smelly outside.

I'm tired of smelly Uber drivers, arguments about who's right and who's wrong, open windows instead of AC, and no GPS. Oh god my Uber driver is racist. I hadn't even closed the door before the insults begun. I'm currently in a very dirty and smelly car. The driver has an attitude. The Uber I had requested for earlier left without notice. Is it racist if my white Uber driver starts playing Hip-Hop when I get in the car? I'm like a car-racist, every time I see a black car I automatically assume it's an Uber. What kind of conversations do you have with your driver? I rather not have any conversation at all. When your Uber driver is high-key racist. My Uber driver keeps yawning but I can't tell if he's dozing off or just Chinese. I'm sorry that's unintentionally racist.

Dear Uber company, why the hell do you keep sending me smelly bad Uber drivers it's been going on for 2 months and 3 weeks now !!!

The same goes to Uber passengers who don't smell their own odors. Please ensure your drivers are screened properly for body odors. Can't be stuck in a car with a smelly driver. Thanks. Everytime I take Uber pool I'm always alone ... I guess my luck ran out because now I'm stuck with a smelly guy. Never be racist. Not only is my Uber drivers way too talkative, the ones I get are racist as well. They seems to be the most racist, simple-minded people I've ever met. I'm about to jump out of this car I can't breathe. I wish Uber let me rate my Uber Pool passengers. Smelly, Frito-munching seat hogger reading my iPad and trying to start a political debate. I don't care if I sound racist, how are foreigners allowed to be Uber drivers and don't know how to drive around town. What kind of shit is that????

I just cannot with Uber. They're why NYC yellow cabs will always exist. Give me a smelly maniacal nut job for a fixed fare. My Uber pool rider has a bag of smelly ass seafood in the car, the poor driver is holding it out the window while driving. Does it say something about me if my Uber drivers think it's ok to be racist around me? He said that "The state fair has gotten soooo black". Another Uber driver in Philadelphia was pulling over to pick me up and hit a person riding a bike. If you're racist what makes you think you could be an Uber driver in Miami, of all places like you'll find 56 minorities before a white person. Last week my Uber driver was a die hard Trump racist, I had nothing to say to him after hearing his political views.

Sometimes I just want to not speak to anyone and get to my destination. My Uber driver just called me "Miss Congeniality" and then proceeded to make every racist comment in the book. 

Nothing like a change of conversation. What do you do when the Uber driver is being misogynistic to the other girl in the pool but she's also being racist? I heard that London transport wants Uber drivers to take a written English test which most Brexit voters would struggle to pass. A slick racist move. The fight against Uber shouldn't incorporate racist language or symbols, keep it to the issues. I'll never forget my racist Uber driver in New York City who harassed me because he thought I lit a blunt in his car and ranted about how gross black people are. That is so dumb and pathetic. I would cancel if the driver was black... But no, because I'm not a racist. Apparently all that happens when you report a racist Uber driver is a $5 credit off your next racist ride.

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