Friday, January 6, 2017

Book by Cadillac: Because ZipCar Sucks! - SeveralSeats

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"Book By Cadillac" because Zipcar sucks! Rethink owning a car. 

For $1,500/month any vehicle, anytime. Almost like leasing similar to car sharing but not ride sharing at all. $1,500/month is $50/day.

Costs less to rent a Dodge Dart. I wouldn't mind having this for a summer and drive the CTS-V for a few months. But how popular will this program be, when I can lease their most expensive model for $800/month? This could be a great idea if Cadillac had a full line of vehicles to make choices from- say a convertible for that summer trip on the coast, a performance car for day to day driving, a large luxury car for family trips, etc. Cadillac can fill in those gaps, but the question is "Will they?" Nobody in NYC drives a Cadillac except livery drivers anyways. I'd imagine someone with $1,500/month to set on fire isn't going to want to get mistaken for a livery driver.

BookByCadillac just launched In NYC, it's a viral social media trend. How it works, it's simple as Netflix. Supply Cadillac with a valid credit card and drivers license then download the app, pick out your vehicle at an arranged location and you'll be ready to drive. You can switch vehicles at anytime as long as your monthly premium is paid in full. I'd see this being highly attractive as a premium sports car package with cars from multiple brands. Maybe even a service with luxury cars from all the major brands. A service like this that's exclusively from Cadillac and contains only their cars seems silly.

I'm not sure why somebody would feel a need to switch cars so often within one brand that it would warrant this. Again, this plan would be pretty great if it was something like, "drive multiple sports cars from various brands", but just to drive common place cars like Cadillacs seems so boring. CTS V and ATS V are probably the only attractive part of this but why switch between even just those two cars? I'm just confused as to why New York City being that car sharing, and ride/bike sharing has predominately taken over the city. Not to mention the gypsy cabs, yellow cabs, dollar vans, and the infamous New York City Transit Authority, who just announced today as well that they now provide the used of cell phones service underground to make straphangers feel more comfortable. Over all "Book By Cadillac" might be successful being that the quality of competitors like Zipcar's fleet of vehicles that are overpriced, poorly maintained, dirty and most of the time unavailable even after they secured your payment.

The future is here and Cadillac is the first the debut a luxury subscription app for a flat monthly rate. I look forward to using there services in NYC with hopes that they have different price ranges for certain models. This will surely open the door for other car companies to be more creative in a world of car sharing apps.

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