Monday, February 27, 2017

Tupac's Death Car For Sale - SeveralSeats

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Who the hell wants that kind of bad luck? I wouldn't ride in it for free. America is so disrespectful to black people. 

First they put the gun up for auction that killed Travon Martin and made a lot of money. Now they put the car up for auction that Tupac been shot in. Why would I pay 1.5 million if I had the money. The following quote "Tupac died from his wounds in the hospital on September 13, 1996, six days after the attack in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since then, the car was impounded by the Vegas police before it was auctioned off. It’s been bought and sold several times over the years before it found its’ current owner. The BMW has been restored, but reminders of Tupac’s tragic murder remain. Indentations made by bullets can still be found inside the door panels." started trending after HollywoodLife shared it from the top social media network TMZ.

I can just buy the same car for 2k and have someone drive through the Southside of Chicago and have gang members shoot it up, then set up a car blog posting and sell it through automobile networks like Carfinder. The car is gonna have all those bullet holes and maybe a body in it too. America has always made money off  tragedies of Black people. I myself even though not of any ethnic background find this offensive to any human. Someone was shot in that vehicle. Did the JFK car go up for action too? No it's in a museum. While Tupac wasn't as important as JFK, it's just so sad how money hungry our society is. Tupac was murdered and the case is unsolved the vehicle he was shot in should still be compounded kept as evidence.
There is a market for everything.  Morbid isn't left out. There is even murderabilia that consists of things that were made by murderers. Paintings and things like that. The fact that the car was repaired makes it worthless in eyes of a collector of famous cars, so this buyer will have to be someone with more money than brains. But who really wants to brag about owning such an infamous vehicle. Perhaps a Rapper, NBA player, Football player or someone from the Hip-Hop community will buy Tupac's death car. They say that the bullet holes on the door are still there. I don't think repairing under the hood would make it any less valuable especially since the bullet holes are authentic. Where has this car been all these years? There's still a part of me that believes Makaveli is alive and that 1.5 million is going to 2pac? Whoever buys it is gonna probably get shot in it too!! Park it, it's bad luck and disrespectful.

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