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The Autonomous Driving Trend - SeveralSeats

autonomous driving trend
The Autonomous Driving Trend

Key Facts About The Autonomous Driving Trend! What you should know. 

Autonomous cars are trending in the automobile industry. Also known as self-driving cars or robotic cars that use advanced technology to sense everything in the environment of the vehicle and to assist in the navigation process without a human being.

“One of the hardest questions to answer is, ‘How do these cars compare to human drivers?’ ” Chris Urmson, then the chief of Google’s self-driving car project, told transportation engineers in Washington this year. “And part of the reason why that’s hard is we don’t actually have a good understanding of how good human drivers really are.” According to The Washington Post

The future is so bright for the auto industry. No more speeding tickets, no more accidents, no more drivers license renewals, no more insurance increased costs, no more injury lawyers. No more DUI. Big cut in generating money via infractions yet safer traffic system.

There are so many possibilities, and we are making so many breakthroughs in technology.

So, without a driver, who stands in line outside the Department of Motor Vehicles for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours?!!

Self-Driving Cars -

They have been testing the self-driving cars in Pittsburgh and are perfectly capable, and in fact; a hell of a lot safer than driver-controlled cars. I call total BS. You can't have autonomous cars that have no ability to hand-off to the driver for that one moment it can't understand the environment or a sensor or software issue arises.

In fact, the "hand-off" problem is why fully autonomous cars are at least 10-15 years off, not to mention all the legislation needed. The ridiculous claim by all tech/auto manufacturers. As for the law regarding driver-less cars; the fact that California made it illegal to operate a driver-less car.... So... See where I'm going with that??

How safe is the system? What if it is compromise and hack into? It will create more havoc then safe driving.

The tech is there... unfortunately, so are the lawyers. The auto companies will soon be sued into the stone age. According to Business Insider "to train a self-driving car, you would first drive the car hundreds of miles to collect sensor data. You would then process that data in a data center identifying frame by frame what each object is."

If I am driving, and I crash and kill someone, or myself, I am responsible?

Who is responsible if the car is driving? I just don't think any on-screen wavers are going to cut it when a rabbit pack of lawyers combined with no tort reform is unleashed.

Let me give you a few facts. A vehicle operated by a human has an accident on an average 1 per 100,000 mi. An autonomous vehicle has an accident 1 per 1,000,000. They don't speed, they don't have impairment from drugs/alcohol, they don't get tired or fatigue. Autonomous driving is not only a trend in passenger vehicles but in trucks, buses, and air-crafts as well.


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