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- Secrets of Tesla Model S -

Until now, Tesla has ruled the roads for electric car buyers. But those days are over. 

Dubious how some articles on this manage to completely bury the fact that *specifically* Tesla rebates got cancelled; portrays Tesla much worse. I had my power steering fail a month into ownership of a 2017 Model S 100D.

The Model 3 Tracker estimates were lower than Elon Musk's reports of multiple weeks in June and July exceeding 5k cars/week. Yeah and in 6 years, they'll pay you to drive a tesla! For $2 billion PIF could buy some of the best battery development engineers & companies and the license the tech to car companies. Why spend so much to invest in a car manufacturer when the real tech is in the battery?!

Investors query funding costs at a private Tesla: Several Tesla Inc shareholders have told Reuters they are concerned that the electric car maker will have to pay more to fund its growth if it becomes a private company and loses the ability to sell  

In an article titled' Elon Musk says Tesla could build $25,000 EV in about 'three years' suggesting that "Elon Musk unveiled Tesla's second master plan, the $35,000 Model 3 represented the price floor. It wasn't set in stone, but you couldn't realistically expect more. However, the dream of a truly affordable Tesla EV just got a little more tangible. When tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee asked Musk in an interview about room for a lower-cost Tesla, the executive estimated that his company could build a $25,000 car in about three years "if we work really hard." This wasn't a promise of a car at that price point, to be clear, but Musk saw the vehicle as possible through a combination of both technical achievements and economies of scale.
Based on this report, it suggests the NYT's interview was just more bs from the narcissistic Musk. This latest hyperbolic claim shows nothing has changed. Bob Lutz is right! Just a thought—Maybe deliver Model 3s that really cost $35k before moving on to another elusive goal?
He likened it to the progression of the cellphone from the clunky, limited cellphone from Wall Street (Motorola's DynaTAC) to modern smartphones. It took many iterations to get there, Musk said, and you need sheer manufacturing volume and demand to lower the price. This is part of why you can't buy a Model 3 for $35,000 just yet. The technology finally arrived in 2017, but the manufacturing scale still isn't large enough for Tesla to make money on each car at that price point." - Engage

Based on the quote if 75% of people that are buying a new car in the next 5 five years ponied up 10% of the Model 3 to Tesla Motors today gas powered cars couldn't compete. $25,000 Tesla in 3 years. Some day the media might decide to report on whatever they've done rather than what he says he is gonna do, especially when he gives a date!
Tesla Infographic

I estimate that Tesla Model 3 will outsell the whole EV market in August. Model 3: 26,200 vs. all other EV cars (41 models) 16,700. Which means Model 3 alone will have a 61% market share.

Their service center wait time is 9 weeks. Remember when the secret "whistleblower" leaked information about cars allegedly shipped with damaged parts, the whistleblower tweeted details about allegedly flawed cars, scrapped parts.
According to CNBC "The lists of vehicle identification numbers, which he wrote in the tweets, refer to specific cars that received batteries containing damaged cells that never should have been installed.
  • Tesla whistle-blower Martin Tripp tweeted details about allegedly damaged batteries that he says Tesla shipped, and supposed manufacturing inefficiencies at the factory where Tesla makes car batteries.
  • The former employee has been engaged in a high-visibility legal fight with the company, which claims he stole and falsified information about Tesla to the press.
Tesla has characterized Tripp as a disgruntled ex-employee and saboteur in the past.
Tripp, in previous interviews, said that Tesla's Gigafactory took dangerous manufacturing shortcuts, and that Elon Musk had direct knowledge of these but failed to intervene.
The tweets were posted to Tripp's account Wednesday. However, Tripp took down his Twitter account by Thursday morning, his lawyer told CNBC".

This is due to a shortage of the bolts used to make the repairs.” they could go down to the local hardware store & get the bolts, which would be better quality, but due to agreements made with suppliers, they have to use special bolts. The whistleblower and ex-employee '@trippedover' (Martin Tripp) says he is not able to tweet for another 12 hours. "Twitter jail" after he went on a tweetstorm about his experience at the Gigafactory. Tesla has positioned itself as the future of automobiles. But as of now, it doesn't make many cars, the Tesla is a hype machine, what happens if that hype wanes.


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